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Chocolate & Confectionery


Manufactured and in France, Barnier lollipops are individually wrapped and available in assorted flavours.

Established in 2005, Belvas is a Belgian chocolate manufacturer – certified Organic and Fairtrade.  All products are manufactured with natural ingredients and are free from artificial additives, preservatives, artificial colours and aromas.

Bohme is a popular brand of liqueur chocolates owned and produced by Halloren, Germany’s oldest chocolate factory since 1804.

Dairy free, deliciously indulgent vegan chocolate made from natural ingredients. Buttermilk is also plastic free, palm oil free and gluten free.

Cachet is manufactured by Kim’s Chocolates, one of the biggest chocolate manufacturers in Belgium. The Cachet Chocolate Block range includes Milk and Dark and flavored varieties including Peppermint and Sea Salt

Imported from Belgium, Café Tasse is made with the best cocoa beans gathered from Africa and South America and pure cocoa butter. Café-Tasse offers the chocolate lover a unique taste experience.

A range of old-fashioned Artisan confectionery with a modern take, from the sweet shop and imported from the UK. The hand made range has been created using traditional recipes that have been famous since 1848!

Manufactured in France, Chocmod truffles are sweet, melting and delicately sprinkled with cocoa. Chocmod truffles are available in gift tins, boxes and bags and are offered in a range of different truffle flavours including original cocoa, salted butter toffee, champagne and cappuccino.

A must have for small and large painters! Set of seven crayons made of Belgian milk chocolate in a range of chocolate colours. Packaged in a box just like real crayons, it’s the perfect gift for big and little kids alike.

Fantastick Chocolate Blocks are a range of high quality and innovative designs with personal greeting messages. The range of Milk Chocolate blocks is manufactured in Switzerland using the finest ingredients and gift packed by hand in Germany.

Manufactured and imported from Scotland, Gardiners Fudge and confectionery command an impressive share of the high-quality gift confectionery sectors within the UK, Australia and overseas Markets.

Making it great tasting chocolate that is dairy free. HAPPI OATS is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and due to the high levels of natural Cacao used, the range is also a lot healthier than standard chocolate!

Little Ozzie Treats is an Australian owned and manufactured range of premium honeycomb packaged in beautifully presented colourful kraft bags.

MIA Chocolates are more than just a name. Because MIA believe in making delicious and unique food fairly, everything that is produced is sourced and Made In Africa(MIA). That’s the MIA difference: food with thought that gives greater benefit back to the communities from which it comes, and which feels as good as it tastes.

Manufactured and imported from the UK, Millions are an iconic tiny tasty chewy sweet. Millions are a favorite with children and adults alike and are available in fun, brightly coloured cannisters.

Manufactured and imported from South Africa, Sally Williams Nougat is hand crafted using only the finest quality ingredients. It’s no wonder Sally Williams has become known as The World’s Finest Honey Nougat.

Simon Coll produced their first chocolate bar in Spain in 1840. Since then, six generations of the family and over 175 years has been invested in discovering the secrets and love of chocolate.

Manufactured in The Netherlands, the Steenland Chocolate range includes foiled chocolate medallions with embossed messages,  chocolate coins in net bags. chocolate mini bars and fun solid shaped chocolate gift boxes.

Beautifully decorated tins featuring Steven Brown’s iconic art, filled with traditional and handmade individually wrapped Scottish fudge. If you are looking for a gift that lasts long after the contents have gone, this is the one!

Manufactured and imported from Italy, Vanini embodies Italian premium chocolate, produced with signature cocoa beans grown in carefully selected plantations since 1946.